Episode 11

Kelly Turkington discusses: How do diseases become resistant to fungicides and what can we do about it?

Episode 10

Scouting and rotation key to maintaining effective pulse fungicides.

Episode 9

Albert Tenuta talks about the state of fungicide resistance in eastern Canada and recommends best management practices

Episode 8

In this episode we’re talking about how herbicide resistant weeds spread across Ontario and the continent.

Episode 7

How do you assess your risk of developing resistant weeds on your farm?

Episode 6

Manitoba farmer Gunther Jochum talks about their wild oat issues in this episode of the Resistance Management School.

Episode 5

Dr. Linda Hall discusses the state of herbicide resistance in Western Canada, and what growers can do about it.

Episode 4

Mike Cowbrough of OMAFRA joins us to discuss testing for herbicide resistance.

Episode 3

Lauren Benoit from the University of Guelph talks about how to manage multiple resistance in water hemp, discovered earlier this year in Ontario.

Episode 2

Kelvin Heppner talks to Rob Gulden about seeding rates in this episode of the Resistance Management School.

Episode 1

Dr. Peter Sikkema discusses the status of herbicide-resistant weeds in Ontario and provides growers with some best management practices.

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